Nowadays 125cc motorbikes are getting very popular and trendy.Worlds most renowned motorbike manufacturers are producing their 125cc motorbikes for developing countries where there is a cc limitation such as our country and throughout all over the world.Here we are going to talk about the most engaging 125cc bikes that are ruling the road .Keep in mind that it is just a serial not a ranking ..!

1.Aprilia RS4 125

Spec-124cc/15 BHP/134 KG

Why will You Buy this??

Aprilia has four-stroke 125cc engine,DOHS available, upside down forks,radial brakes,max speed function,excellent acceleration,braided brake hoses and what not.You just have to recommend this Italian beast because it is the Best in this segment.Its only minus point is it drinks a little bit more fuel.But other than that it is perfect in every aspect.

2.Aprilia SX125 (2018-2019 Model)

Spec-124cc/14.8 BHP/120 KG

Why will you buy this ??

This is basically a hyper naked super-moto styled version of the aprilia RS4 125.But it has a more affordable price and basic specs.It was introduced in 2018 but it has a lot going on comparing this short period of time.It is a bit raw and exposed but very tempting.But mind that it has a tall and narrow seat which can be a problem for someone who does not like this kind of seating position.

3.Honda CB125R (2018-2019 Model)

Specs-124cc/13.1 BHP/126 KG

Why will You Buy This???

This is a neo-sports cafe bike from Honda.It replaces Honda’s full faired CBR125R.It has a very cool styling and a sparkling LCD dash,inverted showa forks and a peppy liquid cooled motor,the CB125R is a great value for money.It offers a big bike feel in a cafe look and in  a very affordable price.One thing though it is a very new model,so it is clearly unknown to many one’s and the spare parts are not that much available.

4.Honda CBR125R (2004-2017 Model)

Specs-124cc/13 BHP/136 KG

Why will You Buy This ??

This beast was released in 2004 and it ruled the road until it had a clash with Yamaha’s YZF and was finally killed by Euro 4 emissions regulations and replaced with a naked.The original model was a little bit slower than its opponent but it just got better and more racier from 2011.It is cheaper,rugged and usable than its opponent Yamaha.Keep in mind that its electrical things sometimes make problems.

5.Kawasaki Ninja 125 (2019 Model)

Specs-125cc/1407 BHP/148 KG

Why will You Buy This??

This is the most awaited baby Ninja from Kawasaki .This is an A1 class  125cc Sports bike and it has a naked brother too.It has the same Ninja DNA and because of this its performance in this segment is top class.The most exciting thing is it is now available in our Bangladesh.

6.KTM RC 125

Specs-124cc/15 BHP/135 KG

Why will You Buy This??

This is hands down the most beautiful 125cc bike of all.It is the faired version of the 125 Duke that has a revving engine,handles extremely well and boasts some neat touches like the side mounted exhaust and bellypan combo.But the sad thing is it had not been upgraded in the same way as the Duke 2017 model,so it has some little flaws that can hamper the sweet ride.

7.Yamaha YZF R125

Specs-124cc/14.6 BHP/127 KG

Why will You Buy This???

This beast was introduced in 2008 and it took all the red blooded teenager in a second.Although it is a 125cc bike,it surprisingly offers full size performance,full size proportions and man the legendary R6 looks!!.Yamaha saved their cash by adding a steel frame and basic non adjustable suspension.But it has digital dash,underslung exhaust and Brembo breaks made up specially for it.In 2017 it got a FI system,updated styling.The 2019 model is yet to come !!

Which is You Favorite in this segment ??Do not forget to tell Us !!